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BEN is a strategic consulting company based in Milan that operates internationally and works with large companies, organizations and organizations in the industrial, energy, environmental and infrastructure sectors. BEN takes care of business consulting, offering high-level services to help companies improve their results and achieve their goals.

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About us

We are a network of professionals with technical, industrial, financial and marketing competences devoted to international investment projects. We focus on industry, energy, environment and infrastructure sectors.

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We provide our clients with expertise to develop their projects, including independent strategic advise, feasibility studies, due diligence, appraisals, market analysis and research, and a lot more…

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Our clients

Our customers include industrial companies, contractors, manufacturers, financial investors and institutions, public utilities and governmental bodies that continue to value our support for developing their projects.

Some of our services

Strategic planning

In business, growth is an imperative, not an option. Growth strategy and planning is at the heart of what we do for our customers.

Corporate Reorganizing

Improve your organization to match an ever changing business environment and meet your core company objectives.

Market Research

Our structured and quantitative approach to market research and analysis provides data to rely on for strategic decisions.

Transaction Services

We assist Investors in M&A projects, providing Business Due Diligence services that focus on value creation.

Key Benefits

BEN is not comparable to other Advisors: while others do formal and standard appraisals, BEN is a boutique that provides customized solutions.

BEN defines and addresses the problem in view of the Customer’s objectives, while others provide bulky standard formalized responses

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry with the help of market analysis techniques.

Some of the markets we have served include Energy (oil, gas & power exploration, production, transport and distribution), Industry (chemical, petrochemical, pharma), public utilities ad services (water industry, district heating, facilities management, schools, hospitals, etc.), Environment (waste management), InfrastructureEngineering & ContractingManufacturing.

We do the analysis work, our reports take you straight to the point and our advise is genuine.

We act on your behalf having a clear view of your objectives.

We use expert systems and methodologies that comply with the best industry practices.

Our approach is based on a clear definition and understanding of our clients’ objectives.

Our assignments typically range from 50 to 1,000 man-hours, with a high productivity.

We may deal with smaller or bigger jobs, depending on the characteristics of the project and on the customer’s need.

Our past experience spans over large investment projects executed on worldwide basis in a variety of energy, industry and infrastructure segments.

We are based in Milan, Italy and we most often serve European based customers, helping them develop domestic or overseas projects, with the help of our correspondents and partners located in the US, Argentina, Brazil, North Africa, Central and South Africa, Middle East, India, China and Australia.

We also have been successfully serving customers located in the US, India and China.

Our aim is to expand our portfolio of faithful customers, helping them grow profitably, thus letting us grow with them.

Independence and integrity, combined with a smart attitude to develop new initiatives.

If the objectives are not clear, we do not engage.

How can we help your business

We become part of your project team or set up a new dedicated team joined by your experts. We bring together competence, experience and industry knowledge to meet your objectives.


We help clients turn everyday information and findings of research into actionable insights by embedding analytics across their organization’s strategy and operations.


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Positive teamwork means blending experiences and competences within a solid and well managed team, with mutual respect, clear roles and objectives.

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Our clients

Our Clients include industrial and financial investors, multi-utility companies and Public Bodies that continue to value our support for developing their opportunities.

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