Management Consulting

Management Consulting

by benetc
strategic planning assistance

Strategic planning is a continuous process that enables the company to define the best direction to be pursued for each of its strategic business units

elaboration of busines plan

A business plan is a fundamental document that is required for a start-up business to proceed by talking with banks, venture capital firms and business partners.

feasibility studies

Feasibility studies enable to screen a portfolio of opportunities, thus identifying those that have a lower risk and a higher profitability.

corporate restructuring

Corporate restructuring is a process involved in changing the organization of a business, taking into account all the operating procedures that characterize the operations (such as marketing and sales, procurement, production, logistics, distribution, etc.) and requires corporate culture adjustments.

project management and support

Project management is a discipline that enables to effectively handle all the activities of a complex initiative that requires the contribution of numerous players such as internal staff, professional consultants, engineers, suppliers, vendors, contractors and other service providers.

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