Identify opportunities in your industry

Market research services

Identify opportunities in your industry

Market research services

by benetc
Market Research involves the design and execution of studies, surveys, or experiments to discover what customers desire or prefer about a product or service, and what are the criteria that the adopt when choosing the supplier. This information is very useful to understand how to improve the manufacturing of a product or the delivery of a service, finding ways to produce it more conveniently.

Matching the objectives

The goal of Market Research is to provide accurate information in order to reduce the uncertainty in decision making. To this end, we approach the work with quantitative assessment methods, in order to evaluate a customer dimension which requires a better appraisal. We invite you to review our case studies, in order to better understand our approach.

We respond to queries that are often associated to the development of a product or of a service, focusing on the evaluation of opportunities that may arise in certain segments or niches.

BEN provides Market Research services on international basis within B2B markets in a variety of segments in the energy, environment, infrastructure and industry sectors.

market research
market research

Our approach

Market Research is a systematic process that is carried out in cycles of activities. The stages of the research process overlap continuously contributing to an ever better definition of the problem.

  • Problem discovery and definition
  • Research design
  • Sampling
  • Data gathering
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Conclusion and report

Basic research is made to expand knowledge, confirm a theory or learn more about a given concept.

Applied research is instead executed when a decision is to be made about a specific problem.

The essence of research, whether basic or applied, lies in the scientific method that is used to achieve the given objectives.