Effective organization can give companies the edge.

Corporate Restructuring

Effective organization can give companies the edge.

Corporate Restructuring

by benetc
We provide assistance to our customers to analyse and design corporate restructuring projects.
Corporate restructuring is a process involved in changing the organization of a business, taking into account all the operating procedures that characterize the operations, such as marketing and sales, procurement, production, logistics, distribution, etc.
Corporate restructuring can involve making significant changes to a business that may require the displacement of staff members or the change of the way to work.

Our approach

We usually get involved when a business is not performing according to the expectations of the shareholders because it does not produce profits and the situation is such that an independent opinion or proposal is required to plan a turnaround.

Our approach to these assignments is sometimes similar to the one that we use for Due Diligence. We typically examine documents, visit and analyse premises factories, analyse the market, make a competitive benchmark and interview key people, challenging them on critical aspects of the business and on fresh ideas. This is done in a relatively short time, just like in a due diligence process, where it is necessary to develop an independent opinion

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Corporate restructuring services

Key Benefits of the Service

The result of this work is a comprehensive document that provides the details of the findings and of an action plan acceptable to key personnel. In addition we provide an executive summary and an independent opinion for the top management and the shareholders, where we outline the constraints and the critical issue that pertain to the turnaround execution.

Corporate restructuring requires thorough analysis and planning of changes to be implemented in the organization, in the work processes and, in general, to the approach to the market.

We also provide assistance in the subsequent phase of execution, if required, but we endeavour to provide a plan that is feasible and executable by the company on its own.