Figures and indepth analysis to identify Key opportunities

Market Analysis Services

Figures and indepth analysis to identify Key opportunities

Market Analysis Services

by benetc
Market Analysis may be defined as the assembly of sales data by given segments (geographic, sectors or other categories) to understand the structure of your industry as a whole, its trends and the competition. A thorough analysis includes data on production and manufacturing, pricing criteria, marketing and sales activities, distribution methods.

What we do and how

We provide Market Analysis services on international basis within B2B markets in a variety of segments in the energy, environment, infrastructure and industry sectors.

We responds to queries that are often associated to the perspectives of a new investment. We focus on the evaluation of opportunities and risks that lay underneath an existing or new business.


The goal of Market Analysis is to provide accurate information in order to reduce the uncertainty in decision making. To this end, we approach the work with quantitative assessment methods, in order to evaluate a customer dimension which requires a better appraisal.

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Our Approach

The way we approach market analysis assignments typically involves the following stages:

  • Definition of a tentative supply chain model
  • Identification of critical elements (entry barriers, technology, permits, qualifications, etc.)
  • Analysis of the business model of key players
  • Tentative quantitative assessment (volumes and values)
  • Brainstorming on research design
  • Gathering of information and data
  • Preliminary analysis and interpretation of findings
  • Interviews with market players (suppliers, distributors, buyers)
  • Review of findings and deeper data gathering
  • Interpretation of findings and final report.

Initial brainstorming is an essential work phase. Brainstorming works by focusing on the query, and then deliberately coming up with as many approaches to the research as possible and by pushing the ideas as far as possible.

The quantitative approach, which is based on a modelling of the market structure, enables to check the accuracy of the individual findings, that are extremely important when you are focusing on a market niche or on a specific area.

Interviewing leading market operators is essential. They accept the interview and share views with us because our thorough understanding of the scenarios enables us to share and challenge with them the important findings of our research.