Identify opportunities and develop business cases

Market Survey Services

Identify opportunities and develop business cases

Market Survey Services

by benetc
Surveys are helpful tools to obtain information from people who come across your business. Each one created may be utilized to gauge opinions and receive feedback.

Design of the market survey

Market Surveys are designed in order to respond to a variety of needs, such as:

  • Understand the best way of doing business and of operating in a given country or region
  • Assess the procedures to obtain the necessary permits
  • Find and select local suppliers of specific products and services
  • Assess the infrastructure conditions and transport constraints
  • Assess the availability and cost of key resources (personnel, utilities, services, etc.)
  • Assess the needs of given categories of customers
  • Assess the business model and performance of a given market players
  • And many more.
market survey and data analysis
market survey

What we do

We provide market survey services on international basis within B2B markets in a variety of segments in the energy, environment, infrastructure and industry sectors.

We perform the surveys in the shortest possible time, yet with the aim of providing accurate and meaningful information, matching the defined objectives.

Each survey is designed specifically in order to obtain the required information in a timely and cost effective manner, including the following activities, as needed.

  • Design of the research
  • Collection and analysis of information
  • Site visits
  • Interview with key players
  • Interpretation of findings.

All the home work research has to be completed before you plan for the survey on site, that may be time consuming and costly, if it is not well organised.

When planning and executing the survey, we rely on local correspondents and partners, that help us with the logistics and with the arrangement of meetings. Their role is very important for a successful survey.

Interviewing local market operators is very important. They accept the interview and share views with us because they see the opportunity of a fruitful cooperation in the near future.