Chemical Reagents

Chemical Reagents

by Alessandro Di Gioia

About Project.

Our customer is a European leader of chemical reagents for laboratories and industry, owned by a Private Equity fund.

We have been assisting the company throughout its development phases until the acquisition by a new investor.


The company owns and operates three production facilities in Italy and France, serving the European market and other overseas customers.

The company offers some 7.000 product references including:

  • chemical reagents for laboratories
  • chemical reagents for industries
chemical reagents project

Our services.

We have been assisting the company and its shareholders in the execution of the following main projects:

  • Acquisition of a European competitor
  • Relocation of production activities within the various factories
  • Procurement of raw materials from China
  • Scouting on new markets in the Middle East
  • Merger with a European competitor.
chemical instruments

The Outcome.

After the completion of the developmentĀ  phase, we have assisted an industrial investor in the acquisition of the company, thus completing the exit of the Private Equity fund.