Trading and Contracting

Trading and Contracting

by benetc

About project.

BEN helps its Clients to develop the commercial presence of a service or product in areas that BEN can adequately cover with good referrals, knowledge and local presence.

BEN helps foreign firms to enter its domestic market and domestic firms to enter foreign markets, acting as agent or distributor. A successful Business Development effort requires marketing support, information and insight analysis.

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Our Approach.

We analyse a product or service, identifying its distinctive elements, selling points and production costs. We then carry out a thourough market analysis to evaluate size, competition and prices.

Based on the results of the investigation, we prepare a marketing plan and, if appropriate, act as agents or independent distributors.

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Experience and Organisation.

We are experienced in selling products and services for the following:

  • Specialty chemicals (reagents, rubber, polyurethanes and other resins)
  • Rubber and plastic flooring for sports and leisure (Multisport)
  • Special rubber products for the building industry (BEN Progetti)
  • CNC routers (project discontinued).