Water industry project

Water industry project

by Alessandro Di Gioia

About Project.

Our customer is a large public multi-utility company, providing some half million customers with energy, water and environmental services.

The project deals with the planning of the water industry activities for whom the company would be granted a 20 year concession as leading operator.

The Scope.

The scope of work included the following activities:

  • analysis of the business organization and performance indicators
  • detailed analysis of the operations, including material and energy balance of the distributed water (water wells, potabilization, transport, distribution, sewage, waste water treatment) and characterization of all the facilities
  • analysis of the applicable tariffs
  • preparation of a detailed business plan to be submitted to the water Authority
water industry project

The Outcome.

The preparation of the business plan enabled the company to reconsider its operating procedures and to refine the planning of the required investments in compliance with the cash flow constraints.

The company furthermore obtained the desired concession.