Joint Venture in Egypt

Joint Venture in Egypt

by Alessandro Di Gioia

About Project.

Our customer is is a world-class manufacturer of  wellheads and Christmas trees, industrial valves and systems for the oil & gas industry. Our customer provides integrated services including assistance and installation, maintenance and refurbishing.

The project deals with the set-up of a Joint Venture company in Egypt for the wellhead assembling and valve manufacturing, in association with a state-owned investor.

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The Oil & Gas industry in Egypt has entered a new development phase, based on the encouraging results of exploration that is supported by high oil and gas prices on the international markets.

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Scope of the joint venture and outcome.

The Joint Venture Company (JVC) is an industrial and commercial outfit selling products and services to the Oil & Gas industry in Egypt and abroad with a main focus on ball valves.

The JV relies on:

  • The internationally recognized experience and brand of the foreign Investor
  • The support and experience of the local Investor.
  • The JVC has own resources and facilities for the maintenance, repair, assembling and manufacturing of ball valves and shop.
  • The JVC imports or purchases locally those raw materials, semi-finished products, parts and components that are necessary to maintain and repair the Clients installed valves or to produce new ball valves.