Pesticide Production

Pesticide Production

by Alessandro Di Gioia

About project.

Our customer is an international leader in pesticide production and distribution. Their aim was to improve operating efficiency in two of their production and distribution facilities in Europe.

corporate restructuring pesticide production

Our approach.

We have subdivided the work in different phases as follows.

IAnalysisDue Diligence1 monthDetailed description of operations
IICompetitive BenchmarkMarket Analysis1.5 monthsIdentification of critical factors of success and of  best practices
IIIDetailed analysisAudit1.5 monthsShared definition of the improvements to be adopted
IVPlanningFeasibility Study3 monthsScope definition, budget, planning. Board and shareholders’ approval.
VExecutionInternal procedures12 monthsImproved efficiency

The outcome.

Our customer obtained in a very limited time an independent opinion about all the aspects of the concerned operations, a very useful benchmark with its competitors and a set of manageable actions to improve the efficiency of the two factories.